The Beauchêne Rare Earths Project

The Beauchêne Project

More Rare Earths Potential


    Rare Earth Elements


    Southwest Quebec, Abitibi-Temiscamingue Region

  • SIZE:

    ~1,500 Hectares


    Active Grassroots Exploration


  • Located in the Province of Quebec
  • Acquired in 2022 based on similarities with the geological model of the Mount Discovery project
  • Located along the northern side of a major rift, an important geological feature associated with the mineralization at Mount Discovery
  • Acquired by staking due to the reported presence of monazite, a rare earths bearing mineral
  • The property is located near infrastructure with a road, a railway and a powerline all crossing it


The Beauchene property was acquired due the possible presence of rare earths within a geological context favourable to host sizeable mineralization. The historical work available is limited and did not provide any assays for the rare earths mineralization, and only indicated visual observation of monazite, a rare earths bearing mineral.

Location and Infrastructure

The property is located in the southwestern portion of the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region of the Province of Quebec, approximately five kilometres south from the town of Temiscaming. Local infrastructure consists of gravel roads accessible from the nearby highway and the town where a host of services are available. Both railway and electrical power lines are on the property.


The property is located within the Grenville Province, a vast geological region that spans portions of Southeastern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec in Canada, as well as parts of the Northeastern United States. This geological province is known to have significant mineral potential due to its diverse geological history and complex tectonic evolution. This province hosts a wide variety of mineral deposits, many of which have economic importance.

Local geology is mapped as a combination of gneiss and tonalite lithologies, but very little outcrops were observed at the time. The area is adjacent to the Temiscamnigue rift zone, a geological feature characterized by deep faults which may have acted as a conduit for rare earths mineralization from deeper within the mantle.

Exploration History

Past exploration work is limited to regional geological mapping. No drilling has occurred on the property  and there is no evidence of any past sampling.

NeoTerrex Work

NeoTerrex will begin exploration on the property in late summer 2024. Initial efforts will focus on locating and assaying the historical rare earth showing, prospecting and reconnaissance geological mapping.

Located along the northern side of a major rift, an important geological feature associated with the mineralization at Mount Discovery

Reported presence of monazite, a rare earths mineral

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